• OSH Cut

Aluminum Finish Quality

Our fiber laser produces a remarkably clean, dross-free finish, especially on materials 3/16" thick or less.  But your finished parts may require some minor post-operations to make them product-ready.  We take care to prevent scratches on the surface of the material, but there may be minor scratching on the surfaces from general movement and placement on the machine for cutting.

Depending on the thickness of the metal, the material type, and your product needs, your cuts may require bending, grinding, tumbling, and/or sanding. OSH Cut currently does not offer post-operations, or any kind of painting, anodizing, or powder-coating operations on finished parts. This said, most of the cuts we make do not require any post-operations. However, aluminum leaves a minor burr on thicker materials, which is easily removed by hand or a sanding operation (see below).

Fiber laser aluminum cut quality - 0.1" thick

Fiber laser aluminum cut quality - 0.25" thick

Still have questions about your aluminum cutting project? Feel free to send us an email at quote@oschut.com , we'd be happy to answer any questions.