• Caleb Chamberlain

Coronavirus Response


Unless temporary shutdown is mandated by the State of Utah, OSH Cut will remain operational during the Coronavirus outbreak. Delays to normal lead-times are possible depending on material and operator availability. Our suppliers are still open, and we carry enough inventory to ship most orders from inventory on-hand.

We've instructed our team members to remain at home if they feel ill.  If exposure is suspected, we will further limit the total number of personnel at the shop at any time.  This may limit the volume of cutting that we can perform in a day or prevent operation altogether for a limited amount of time.  We will do everything we can safely to keep the machines running.

The CDC has indicated that COVID-19 is unlikely to spread through shipped parcels.  We are nevertheless requiring that our operators and shipping teams wash their hands regularly, observe other good-hygiene practices, practice social distancing and remain at home if exposure is suspected, even if no symptoms are immediately present.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 801-850-7584, or send us an email at support@oshcut.com