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Examples of Laser Cut Brass

We stock and laser cut brass up to 1/4" thick.  Our fiber laser produces a beautiful edge finish to match a beautiful material.

Our fiber laser makes beautiful cuts in brass, leaving no burr and no dross on the part edge.  Because brass cuts so well on a fiber laser, and because it is such good-looking material, this is one of our favorite materials to cut. :-)  Brass and copper have reflective surfaces that can make the material difficult or impossible to cut on CO2 lasers, but a fiber laser cuts brass nicely.

We stock 260 "cartridge" brass in thicknesses ranging from 0.02" to 0.25" thick.

Brass is often used for laser-cut metal art, clock wheels/gears, and sleeve/bearing surfaces.  Here are a couple of examples of other parts we've laser-cut in brass below:

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