• Caleb Chamberlain

Pricing Your Laser-Cut Parts

Your total order price is based on cut time, material usage, and setup (setup costs include programming, material picking, and decking.

For small orders, setup can have a big impact on the total price of your parts. We do what we can to keep setup prices low, but it will always be a factor when having your parts cut on a big industrial laser.


Our setup prices are based on the following:

  1. The number of different materials in your order

  2. The presence of very heavy materials in your order (eg. steel 3/4" and thicker costs a lot more than thin sheet)

  3. The number of unique parts in your order

Setup in an order with lots of different parts, in lots of different materials, will cost a lot more than an order with fewer parts or materials. If your material choices aren't negotiable, we recommend increasing the quantity of ordered parts so that setup is spread out among many parts.

Cut Time

The bigger your order, the lower the cost per minute of cut time. You can see how this affects your order price instantly by changing the quantity of your parts, or adding more parts.

For example, for one part as shown below, the single-unit price is $25.32:

But if you order 50, the per-unit price is less than half that, at $12.16 each:

You will see price discounts in your cart as the total cut time increases, even if you have parts cut in multiple different materials.


We only charge you for material that you use - there is no price benefit to pre-nesting a full sheet, or ordering enough to fill a full sheet. We label, stock, and reuse remainders so that you can simply order what you need, when you need it.