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Get laser-cut parts FAST

1. Upload your drawing

2. Select your material

3. Select 1-Day lead at checkout*

* Lead-time availability depends on laser cutting time and material availability.  1-day lead is available for materials that we have on-hand, and when there is enough time available to deliver on schedule.


Prices in days.

Parts in weeks.

Traditional shops decide on a case-by-case basis whether they want to work with you or not.

For traditional shops, rapid prototype orders are a nuisance: quoting is expensive, setup is slow, new parts always carry collision risk, and loading the laser and clearing the deck is inefficient.  Additionally, creating invoices, charging credit cards, and handling office work for small metal laser-cutting jobs is time-consuming.

Given these factors, getting a quote for custom laser cuts on a prototype can take days, if they respond at all. Laser cutting shops decided on a case-by-case basis whether they want to work with you or not.  They don't want your prototype order, they want production jobs.


Most laser-cutting shops will take small jobs reluctantly, and only with the hope that a prototype job will turn into a volume job later on.


Prices in seconds.

Parts tomorrow.

We can take any job -- our software allows us to efficiently handle dozens of orders per day.

We founded OSHCUT specifically because we were tired of the antiquated, lengthy quoting process used by metal laser cutting services.  As engineers, we found ourselves coming up with new designs and then waiting days to get pricing, and weeks to get parts.

The problems associated with small-run orders are real, but instead of discouraging prototypes and treating customers poorly, we've built software that allows us to efficiently handle dozens of orders per day.  


Our software starts by giving you, the customer, the ability to obtain instant pricing and order online.  But it extends behind the scenes as well - our custom software tools allow us efficiently manage material inventory, schedule jobs, create programs, print shipping labels, and handle other logistical details.  We are constantly adding new features as we discover new ways to improve our processes.


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