Deburring and Edge Rolling

OSH Cut offers deburring and edge rolling services to improve surface and edge quality, remove burrs, and eliminate expensive manual operations like grinding.

Deburring and Edge Rolling


Deburring and edge rolling takes the raw laser-cut part edge, removes any burr with a wide belt sander, and rolls the part edges using rotating brushes to hit the part at all angles. After the edge rolling pass, a linear grain may optionally be applied to most materials.

We currently use a 120-grit wide belt for deburring and graining, and 180-grit rollers for edge rolling. Customizable grits and finishes are not currently available.

Save Time With Clean Parts

Raw laser-cut metal will usually have some small amount of cosmetic surface scratching due to normal material handling. Some materials (especially aluminum!) will also have some small amount of underside burr on the part.

Our finishing equipment removes edge burrs, rounds part edges, and (optionally) applies a linear grain to the part.

Flat finishing can often reduce or eliminate prep required for secondary operations like sandblasting, welding, and painting.