Metal Cutting and Sheet Metal Services

OSH Cut is revolutionizing precision sheet metal and plate manufacturing.

We offer instant online prices and rapid lead-times for precision sheet metal parts, including metal laser cutting, tapping, deburring and graining, metal bending, and powder coating. We can make your custom sheet metal parts as fast as same-day.

Why OSH Cut?

Instant Pricing and Online Ordering

No more waiting for quotes! Use our online platform to upload your parts, obtain pricing in any material and quantity, and checkout online whenever you are ready.

Our pricing engine applies volume discounts automatically - you can change your part quantity or add new parts to see how it affects the price instantly.

Need help? Give us a call at 801-850-7584 and we'll be glad to help. We are a direct metal cutting service, with no fabrication brokers or 3rd-party service providers between you and your parts. That means better prices, better customer support, and better lead-times. Online laser cutting has never been easier.

Laser Metal Cutting

Fully Nested Online Pricing

Our pricing engine nests your parts to minimize material usage, and passes savings on to you. Volume discounts are applied at the job level - the bigger the job, the cheaper individual parts will be.

You will receive accurate and competitive metal cutting and bending prices regardless of the size of your job, whether you are ordering a single part or thousands.

Laser Metal Cutting

Instant DFM Feedback

Our system analyzes your custom sheet metal parts and provides instant Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback for both flat and bent metal parts, letting you know if there are any problems that could affect your finished part.

Laser Metal Cutting

ISO 9001 Certified

OSH Cut's internal quality and production management systems go above and beyond the core requirements of ISO 9001:2015. We review production issues, error rates, customer reviews, and other indicators weekly, and use that information to build a culture of continuous improvement. Our goal is to offer perfect sheet metal parts.

Laser Metal Cutting

On-Demand Metal Cutting and Bending Services

Depending on your timeline and job size, our metal cutting service offers guaranteed lead-times availability as short as same day.

Need custom cut metal, fast? We can often get custom metal parts to you before other shops have responded to your quote request.

Laser Metal Cutting

Material Availability

We stock over 300 distinct types and thicknesses of metal sheet and plate, in thicknesses up to 1".

We support custom metal cutting in various alloys of steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel.

Laser Metal Cutting

No Minimums

We are happy to handle your custom metal cutting and bending orders of any size, from a single prototype to a production run with thousands of metal parts. You can order a single part to verify your design before pulling the trigger on a production run.

Laser Metal Cutting


Metal Cutting Service

We offer laser cutting services using our state-of-the-art, high power fiber lasers. Supported sheet metal and plate thicknesses range from 0.005" to 1", and we stock over 300 grades/alloys of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and nickel.

Laser Metal Cutting

Metal Deburring

We can put your custom cut metal parts through finishing to remove all burrs and eliminate most or all prep work required for welding and painting.

Deburring is applied automatically to supported parts and materials during checkout, but you can remove it to reduce your part prices if you want.

Laser Metal Cutting

Sheet Metal Bending

We support sheet metal bending in materials up to 1/4", and total bend lengths up to 76 inches.

We can handle any number of bends, including interior "window" bends that require sectionalized tooling. Our online system will analyze your part and report any potential manufacturability issues before you submit.

Laser Metal Cutting

Laser Tube Cutting

Take your metal fabrication to the next level with precision laser-cut metal tube. We can cut metal tube up to 10" in diameter and square, rectangular, and round stock with up three eighths in wall thickness, in steel, stainless, and aluminum. Bevel cuts are supported up to 45 degrees.

Laser Metal Cutting

Metal Tapping

OSH Cut offers metal tapping in tap sizes ranging from 6-32 to 1 1/2-6 (standard) and M3 x 0.5 to M36 - 4.0 (Metric). Our equipment makes metal tapping fast and cost-effective for you.

Laser Metal Cutting

Powder Coating

OSH Cut supports powder coating in a variety common colors, for parts up to 50 lbs in weight and up to 60" in length or width. Simply upload your sheet metal part, select a color, and know that you'll receive a beautiful finished part.

Laser Metal Cutting

Custom Sheet Metal Parts, On-Demand

With instant online pricing, automatic DFM analysis, and multiple lead-time options during checkout, you can price your parts, order online, and have your prototype or small-batch custom fabrication order in-hand as soon as next day. Just choose "Priority Rush" during checkout.

Laser Metal Cutting

Our Customers

Frequently Answered Questions

What Does "Fully-Nested Pricing" Mean?

We take all the custom metal parts in your order and "nest" them on sheet metal, to get the best material price. Other online metal cutting services don't offer nested pricing. Multi-part metal cutting jobs usually benefit greatly from nesting, so it's an important part of bidding on online laser cutting jobs. Be sure to log in and click "Continue" to get the final price of your metal parts.

What are your lead-times for fabricated sheet metal parts?

Our standard lead-time is 5 business days for prototype and short-run laser cutting jobs, but there are options during checkout for lead-times as quick as same-day, depending on job size, material availability, and capacity. We'll cut your job early when we can.

Can you meet a lead-time not listed during checkout?

Unfortunately not. Our lead-time engine is tied closely to our production planning software, which monitors production capacity. During peak demand, we can't guarantee a faster lead even if your job is small.

Can you cut a material not listed in your catalog?

We can't, but we often add materials based on customer demand. Please let us know if you have a special request by sending us an email to

Do You Support Sheet Metal Bending?

We do! You can upload a 3D model of your sheet metal part in STEP or SolidWorks format, and our platform will automatically unfold your metal part to create a flat pattern and bend program. You can also upload a flat pattern and select bend lines if that's easier for you. Whatever method you use, you can watch a bend simulation that shows how your part will form on our equipment, alerting you of potential issues right away.

How Can I Get Better Prices?

Our system automatically applies aggressive pricing discounts as your metal cutting and bending job increases in size. To get the best price, upload more parts or increase your order quantities. OSH Cut is most competitive for mid-to-large sheet metal fabrication jobs containing multiple custom metal parts, parts that benefit from nesting, and parts that include bending.

Can You Ship Internationally?

We currently offer shipping in the United States only. Shipping heavy sheet metal parts internationally is usually impractical, so there generally isn't significant demand. We may offer international shipping in the future, however.

Will You Remove the Burr on My Parts?

Absolutely! Our lasers usually cut without leaving a burr, but you can select deburring to eliminate any potential burrs on thicker materials. Make sure that after you upload your part, you select deburring as an option. We can deburr your parts and optionally put a 240-grit linear grain on your parts. Not all parts have enough surface area to support deburring, but our system will let you know what is available after upload.