Metal Fabrication Capabilities

OSH Cut offers on-demand metal laser cutting, deburring and edge rolling, and bending services.

Metal Laser Cutting

Material Thicknesses

OSH Cut offers metal blank cutting in material thicknesses up to 1.0" in steel and aluminum. We currently offer stainless thicknesses up to 5/8" thick, copper up to 1/8" thick, and brass up to 1/4" thick.

Our minimum material thickness is 0.02", but varies depending on the material.

Laser Metal Cutting


OSH Cut cuts metal parts using an 8 kW Mazak Optiplex, and a 10 kW Trumpf 3030. Both machines offer high quality, fast, and precision cutting in all supported materials.

Laser Metal Cutting

Cutting Tolerances

OSH Cut's standard tolerances are +/- 0.005" for most materials and thicknesses.

Depending on material, cut density, and part aspect ratio (length over width of your part) heating can cause your part to expand during the cut, and shrink when it cools. On long narrow aluminum parts in particular, this can cause your finished part size to be smaller than expected. Contact us if you have any concerns about your parts.

Laser Metal Cutting
Stocked Materials


  • A1008 Cold Rolled

  • A36 Hot-Rolled, and Hot-Roll Pickled & Oiled

  • A572 G50

  • A588 / A606 Corten Weathering Steel (Unrusted)

  • G90 Galvanized, and Electrogalvanized Steel

  • AR500

  • 1095 Spring Steel (hardened and annealed)

  • 1075 Spring Steel (annealed)

  • 4130 Steel (annealed)

  • 4140 Steel (hardened, precision-ground)

  • O1 and D2 Tool Steel

Stainless Steel

  • 304, #4, #2B, and #1 finish

  • 316, #2B finish, and #1 finish

  • 430, #4 finish

  • 301, 304, 17-7 shim stock, hardened

  • 316, 17-4 shim stock, annealed

  • CPM154, S30V, and 440C annealed, oversized stock


  • 5052 H32, formable aluminum

  • 6061 T6

  • 1100, pure

  • 7075 T6

  • MIC6 cast aluminum

Brass and Bronze

  • 260 Cartridge Brass

  • 353 "Engraver's" brass

  • 464 marine-grade brass

  • 510 bronze, spring temper

  • 655 silicon bronze

  • 220 bronze

Copper and Nickel


  • 110 "ETP" Copper, annealed and 1/2 hard

  • 101 Copper, 1/8 to 1/4 hard


  • 625 Nickel

  • Nickel Silver, 1/2 hard

  • Nickel Silver, O-temper (dead-soft)

Flat Finishing

Finishing Options

OSH Cut offers deburring, edge rolling, and limited graining services for flat laser-cut metal parts. Deburring is currently performed by a 120-grit wide belt sander, and edge rolling is performed using 180-grit rollers.

OSH Cut does not currently have equipment to grind or apply a finer grain to materials after cutting. Linear grain applied is with a 120-grit wide belt.

Laser Metal Cutting

Finishing Quality

OSH Cut is on a journey to be able to offer perfect parts, in terms of burr, surface finish, and edge quality. Offering truly perfect, consumer-ready parts is outside our current capabilities, so you can expect some parts to have minor cosmetic defects and surface scratching that may require post operations to correct.

This isn't where we want to be, and we are working on it! Perfect parts will require additional processes, equipment, and systems, and we'll get there.

Laser Metal Cutting


OSH Cut offers bending in steel, stainless, aluminum, and copper, in thicknesses up to 1/4". See our material catalog for more details about supported materials and thicknesses.

Laser Metal Cutting

Bend Parameters

Bending parameters like bend radius, k-factor, and minimum flange lengths can be found in our material catalog for all supported materials.

Laser Metal Cutting

Shipping in the USA

We ship most of what we manufacture, to all 50 states in the USA. OSH Cut currently only ships within the USA.

OSH Cut also supports LTL freight shipping. Our online system will automatically quote parcel and freight shipping costs during checkout, allowing you to select options based on your schedule and carrier preference.