Frequently Answered Questions

Can you cut a material not listed in your instant quoting app?

We can't, but we often add materials based on customer demand. Please let us know if you have a special request by sending us an email to

Do you offer bending services?

We do!  You can upload your 3D sheet metal model or 2D flat pattern with punch lines, and get instant pricing for bent parts as well.

Do you offer additional post operations?

We offer bending and deburring/edge-rolling, but we do not offer additional post operations at this time.

Can I upload a nested DXF to quote multiple parts at once?

Yes! Our system will automatically identify and count parts in your nested file. When you submit your order, our system will split your nest into individual parts so that we can keep track of them in our production system.

What are your lead-times for laser-cut metal parts?

Our standard lead-time is 5 business days for prototype and short-run laser cutting jobs, but there are options during checkout for lead-times as quick as same-day, depending on job size, material availability, and capacity. We guarantee whatever lead-time you select during checkout, but we'll cut your job early when we can.

Can you quote a high-volume production job?

Yes, we can! Our system will provide instant quotes in any quantity, from one to tens of thousands. Our live nesting feature ensures that you get the most accurate quote, with material savings from nesting applied.

I have a picture I want cut - can you make a DXF for me?

Not at this time. Because we handle a large number of orders every day, we don't have time and resources to prepare custom artwork for laser-cutting.

What materials and thicknesses can you laser cut?

We laser-cut most grades and alloys of carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, and brass. We also cut alloy steels like spring steel and tool steels. Carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum maximum thickness is 1.0". Copper and brass can be cut up to 1/4" thick.

For more details, check out our capabilities page.

Can you give me a ballpark price if I describe my part or send a picture?

Unfortunately not. Prices must be obtained through our instant quoting system, which requires a valid file.