Powder Coating Design Rules

To get the best results and ensure that your part can be powder coated, keep the following in mind:

  1. Parts must have an interior hole or feature so that they can be hung on a rack

  2. Thick parts that might develop a burr must be deburred before powder coating. This means that some very small parts in thick metal currently can't currently be powder coated, since tiny parts won't go through our deburring machine

  3. The maximum part weight for powder coating is 50 lbs

  4. The maximum part size for powder coating is 60", in any direction

Our system will automatically analyze your parts and determine whether powder coating is supported. If you have any questions or concerns about your parts, please contact us at support@oshcut.com, or give us a phone call.

Powder coated parts shown stacked together on grass
Powder coated parts in Vibrant Silver Vein hammertone and Orange Madness